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Graham Carroll

I am a Teesside based DVSA approved Driving Instructor, offering professional driver training throughout the Teesside area. My driving experience is extensive, and being a keen motorcyclist, the importance of promoting safe observant driving is paramount to me. 

What do i offer (Manual Gearbox)

Real life driver training, preparing you to cope safely on today's challenging roads.

My focus is working with highly motivated pupils,who are keen to learn, and understand that good driving is a skill to be proud of and constantly worked at, long after your test pass.

Should your motivation be simply to pass your test, because it feels like it's what you or what someone else thinks it's time to do then I may not be the right instructor for you.

I will offer any assistance you require with your theory revision, but ask you put lots of effort in.

I am very enthusiastic about driving, and previous pupils tell me it makes the lessons more enjoyable.

Post test, I will gladly move you onto specialised motorway and rural driving, should you wish to explore that area.

Highway Code

Remember, read the highway code, as well as practicing your theory questions, after all why take an exam based on a book you've never read.

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Single lesson One Hour £22 (pre-trained pupils only)

Single lesson, Hour and a half £33

Block of 10 Hrs, £200.